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Our qualified trainers, will work with you and your organisation to provide tailored learning solutions that equip your staff and directors with the up to date knowledge they require.

Our trainers have extensive, hands-on experience, because they work in the superannuation industry and have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information through our compliance and research functions.

SCS trainers all have a minimum of a RG146 in superannuation qualification and each hold a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment & Training.

Online super training (CPD)

SCS Online is specifically designed for fund administrators, superannuation professionals, general advice in superannuation authorised representatives and superannuation trustees.

SCS Online provides: 

  • A minimum 30 hours of superannuation specific articles addressing RG146 Generic, Superannuation, RSE, FASEA and TASA competency areas.
  • Access up to date superannuation content; and individual and team training records anywhere, anytime (including Apple iPad and Android functionality).
  • Training management solutions – track and record all completed content online and offline and create annual training plans with regular reporting and reviews.
  • Online delivery of your in-house training – deliver your own in-house training to your staff so they can access it anytime while saving you time in delivery, assessment and record keeping.
  • Intro to superannuation online course, Super Set, accessed through SCS Online.

Staff training plan development

SCS can provide staff with training plans through SCS Online to ensure knowledge is maintained for the purposes of RG146 Generic and Superannuation, TASA and FASEA obligations.

Responsible Person (including Trustee Directors) and Responsible Manager support

SCS provides support and training to assist Responsible Persons and Responsible Managers to build their expertise in RSE, AFSL and fiduciary obligations. In addition to this, SCS provides knowledge and skill assessments, competency matrix mapping, specific training recommendations, training plan development (to assist with APRA’s fit and proper requirements) and CPD monitoring.

Super Set

Super Set will set you or your staff up with the knowledge they need to navigate the world of superannuation without getting too heavy into the detail of a RG146 course. Students suited for this course include new employees to the superannuation industry or other professionals in business areas such as information technology, marketing and project management.

Students will be set up on SCS Online where they can self-select areas they would like to focus on first, or alternatively they can start from the beginning and work their way through the 11 sections and assessments. Students will have 12 months to access the course notes and complete the course.

Upon completion a Certificate of Completion will be issued. Six (6) structured continuing professional development (CPD) hours can be allocated towards RG146 Superannuation and relevant RSE competencies1.

1 Please note that as this is not one of SCS’s RTO courses, completion of Super Set cannot be used for future credit or RPL purposes. 

Super Set $450 +GST


How to give General Advice (GA)

Employers typically find an RG 146 qualification provides participants with the knowledge but not the skills of how to provide general advice.  SCS’s How to give General Advice course provides the tools representatives need to move from giving factual information to confidently having engaging general advice conversations.

Course material is accessed via our online portal, SCS Online, and covers the areas of:

  • What is General Advice
  • General Advice discussion structure
  • Conversation areas:
    • Contributions and consolidation
    • Investment
    • Insurance
    • Benefit payments
    • Retirement

At the end of each area up to five (5) multiple choice and short answer questions are asked to help consolidate the student’s learning. In addition, students then have three (3) opportunities to practice these new skills via phone conversations with one of SCS’s qualified trainers, with feedback provided.

Upon completion a Certificate of Completion is issued with six (6) structured continuing professional development (CPD) hours allocated towards RG146 Superannuation and relevant RSE competencies1.

1 Please note that as this is not one of SCS’s RTO courses, completion of the How to give General Advice course cannot be used for future credit or RPL purposes.

How to give GA $650 +GST

Tailored training

SCS can provide in-house training programs for staff and directors to build industry knowledge and skill and to keep ahead of industry developments. Programs are delivered face-to-face and can be tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Training can be provided on a variety of different areas, including: 

  • Introduction to superannuation
  • How to give General Advice course
  • Risk management awareness
  • Audit awareness
  • Understanding financial statements
  • Fraud awareness
  • AML/CTF awareness
  • Directors duties and responsibilities
  • Compliance awareness
  • Privacy Legislation awareness
  • APRA Prudential Standards
  • Industry and legislation updates
  • Annual Federal Budget review
  • Common superannuation calculations
  • Understanding factual information, general advice and personal advice
  • Complaints management
  • Superannuation induction – for new staff and directors
  • Client product and policy training – specific to client needs





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